Ask An Illustrator

Ask An Illustrator/Printmaker : Little Friends of Printmaking

Name(s) + Company:
JW & Melissa Buchanan, The Little Friends of Printmaking

Education Background (school / self taught, etc):
We both graduated with Fine Arts degrees from the University of Wisconsin, focusing on printmaking. In practically all other concerns, we are either self-taught, foolhardy novices, or doltish savants.

Where you first worked (in design / illustration, etc):
My first real design job was at Planet Propaganda after I finished school; Melissa was the designer for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, Department of Surgery (a job I was always jealous of). Both of these answers are really cheating, though, because we’d already been doing Little Friends for a few years at that point and were somewhat known already. So I guess Little Friends was really our first design job.

Ask The Illustrators: Bee Things

Name(s) + Company:
Jeff Barfoot and Shay Ometz, husband and wife owners of bee things, where we make products and art for the home, kiddos, and kids at heart.

Education Background (school / self taught, etc):
Jeff has degrees in Marine Biology, Illustration and Graphic Design from the University of Arizona. Shay has a degrees in Communication Design and German from the University of North Texas.

Where you first worked:
Shay: My first job was at Tractorbeam, a small studio in Dallas. At Tractorbeam, I was my own account manager, my own production artist, own stylist, my own everything (which isn’t a complaint, that’s very typical for a small studio), which made it hard to focus on creative. So I decided to work for Fossil, and I love the fashion industry and culture there.
Jeff: My first job was a cartoon strip. I had one in my college newspaper, and I got picked up by a syndicate my senior year. It was in a few newspapers around the country, which was neat, but it was so much work (a daily and weekend comic strip) for so little cash. I eventually had to call it quits in favor of my design career, but I don’t regret that. I love design and illustration, and the cartoon life is a hard one to break into.

Ask An Illustrator/Designer : Will Bryant


General Intro/Info Set:

Will Bryant

Company Name:
Member of Public School

Education Background:
BFA (Graphic Design) from Mississippi State University (2008). I plan on getting my MFA in the next few years!

First Real Job Ever:
Define “real.” haha, I’ve never worked on salary. In high school I worked at this hip shoe store, the Gap one summer, and random jobs for family friends. I had a student design job for a semester and an internship for a year during college. Straight out of college I just kept freelancing.

First Real Job That Racks Up Social Security Miles:
uhhhhh, I’m an Eagle Scout.