Ask A Designer

Ask A Designer : Arvi Raquel-Santos

Name(s):Arvi Raquel-Santos

Education Background (school / self taught, etc):
Syracuse University, BFA in Illustration with a minor in Business Management — I took a few design classes in school, design really came afterwards with on-the-job training and some very kind people along the way that took the time to mentor me.

Where you first worked and when (visual/graphic design job, etc):
My career started In New York City and my first job out of school was a Jr. Interactive Design… I lasted 3 months. I then moved to a small design firm working on movie posters and fashion.

Ask An Illustrator/Designer : Will Bryant


General Intro/Info Set:

Will Bryant

Company Name:
Member of Public School

Education Background:
BFA (Graphic Design) from Mississippi State University (2008). I plan on getting my MFA in the next few years!

First Real Job Ever:
Define “real.” haha, I’ve never worked on salary. In high school I worked at this hip shoe store, the Gap one summer, and random jobs for family friends. I had a student design job for a semester and an internship for a year during college. Straight out of college I just kept freelancing.

First Real Job That Racks Up Social Security Miles:
uhhhhh, I’m an Eagle Scout.

Ask A Designer : Ben Barry

Name + Company:
Ben Barry / Facebook

Education Background (school / self taught, etc):
University of North Texas (BFA in Communication Design). Internships with Voelter Architecture, The Decoder Ring, & Newhouse Design. I also participated in Project M 2007.

Where you first worked (visual/commdes job, etc):
My first graphic design job was a part time student job at the University of North Texas Center for Distributed Learning. My first graphic design job after graduating was at The Decoder Ring.