6×6 Tips

Meg/Ryan Project M Lab : 6×6


From Megan Deal and Ryan Lecluyse —Project M Lab, June 2009-2010.

Jason Franzen : 6×6


From Jason Franzen, head honcho at FORMation Alliance, the creative genius behind the iphone games Kern and Presscheck (to name just a few).

Frances Yllana : 6×6


From Frances Yllana, Creative Director of MasonBaronet and AIGA DFW Vice President.

James Harrison : 6×6


From James Harrison, Designer at Commerce House in Dallas, TX.

Richard Koehler : 6×6


From Richard Koehler, Creative Director Retro51 in Dallas, TX.

Arvi Raquel-Santos : 6×6


From Arvi Raquel-Santos, Weymouth Design, San Francisco. AIGA SF Social Impact Chair

Jeff Breazeale : 6×6


From Jeff Breazeale, Founding Partner of Matchbox Studio in Dallas, TX.

As designers we’re a really cynical breed… too often highlighting for the negative instead of celebrating the positive. Celebrating life. Celebrating accomplishments, and most importantly, celebrating the accomplishments of others (try it, it makes them feel good).

I’m as bad as any of us, so several months ago I put this note on the wall next to my desk. Just a reminder that there’s a lot to be happy about.

Jeremy Sharp : 6×6


From Jeremy Sharp, Photographer.

Vynsie Law : 6×6

Vynsie Law 6x6

From Vynsie Law, owner of We Are 1976.

Nathan Trimm : 6×6

From Nathan Trimm, Illustrator, Fine Artist and Designer:
“Keep your eyes open… you’ll find inspiration in the most unlikely places.”