The Art of Interviewing


  1. Dress appropriately. Some shops are very laid back and wear jeans and flip flops to work. Some agencies wear business casual 4 days a week. Hopefully, you’re researching the place you’re interviewing, already, so you’ll be able to get a good feel for the personality of the company. Either place you go to interview, dressing nicely or being overdressed won’t look bad… but the opposite just might. So don’t risk it.
  2. Know who you’re talking to and what they do. This is pretty much a no brainer. Knowing who you are talking to and the kind of work they do is very important. Firstly, the pacing of their portfolio online, is a good model for what they might be looking for (and how you might want to pace your portfolio / presentation). Know the clients they’ve worked on. Know the pieces they might be proudest of. Have questions you might have about their experiences / work / clients ready. This shows the interviewer that you’re interested, first of all, and that you possess the valued skill of preparedness.

Ask A Designer : Arvi Raquel-Santos

Name(s):Arvi Raquel-Santos

Education Background (school / self taught, etc):
Syracuse University, BFA in Illustration with a minor in Business Management — I took a few design classes in school, design really came afterwards with on-the-job training and some very kind people along the way that took the time to mentor me.

Where you first worked and when (visual/graphic design job, etc):
My career started In New York City and my first job out of school was a Jr. Interactive Design… I lasted 3 months. I then moved to a small design firm working on movie posters and fashion.

Ask An Illustrator/Printmaker : Little Friends of Printmaking

Name(s) + Company:
JW & Melissa Buchanan, The Little Friends of Printmaking

Education Background (school / self taught, etc):
We both graduated with Fine Arts degrees from the University of Wisconsin, focusing on printmaking. In practically all other concerns, we are either self-taught, foolhardy novices, or doltish savants.

Where you first worked (in design / illustration, etc):
My first real design job was at Planet Propaganda after I finished school; Melissa was the designer for the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, Department of Surgery (a job I was always jealous of). Both of these answers are really cheating, though, because we’d already been doing Little Friends for a few years at that point and were somewhat known already. So I guess Little Friends was really our first design job.

Ask The Illustrators: Bee Things

Name(s) + Company:
Jeff Barfoot and Shay Ometz, husband and wife owners of bee things, where we make products and art for the home, kiddos, and kids at heart.

Education Background (school / self taught, etc):
Jeff has degrees in Marine Biology, Illustration and Graphic Design from the University of Arizona. Shay has a degrees in Communication Design and German from the University of North Texas.

Where you first worked:
Shay: My first job was at Tractorbeam, a small studio in Dallas. At Tractorbeam, I was my own account manager, my own production artist, own stylist, my own everything (which isn’t a complaint, that’s very typical for a small studio), which made it hard to focus on creative. So I decided to work for Fossil, and I love the fashion industry and culture there.
Jeff: My first job was a cartoon strip. I had one in my college newspaper, and I got picked up by a syndicate my senior year. It was in a few newspapers around the country, which was neat, but it was so much work (a daily and weekend comic strip) for so little cash. I eventually had to call it quits in favor of my design career, but I don’t regret that. I love design and illustration, and the cartoon life is a hard one to break into.

Ask An Illustrator/Designer : Will Bryant


General Intro/Info Set:

Will Bryant

Company Name:
Member of Public School

Education Background:
BFA (Graphic Design) from Mississippi State University (2008). I plan on getting my MFA in the next few years!

First Real Job Ever:
Define “real.” haha, I’ve never worked on salary. In high school I worked at this hip shoe store, the Gap one summer, and random jobs for family friends. I had a student design job for a semester and an internship for a year during college. Straight out of college I just kept freelancing.

First Real Job That Racks Up Social Security Miles:
uhhhhh, I’m an Eagle Scout.

Meg/Ryan Project M Lab : 6×6


From Megan Deal and Ryan Lecluyse —Project M Lab, June 2009-2010.

Jason Franzen : 6×6


From Jason Franzen, head honcho at FORMation Alliance, the creative genius behind the iphone games Kern and Presscheck (to name just a few).

Frances Yllana : 6×6


From Frances Yllana, Creative Director of MasonBaronet and AIGA DFW Vice President.

James Harrison : 6×6


From James Harrison, Designer at Commerce House in Dallas, TX.

Richard Koehler : 6×6


From Richard Koehler, Creative Director Retro51 in Dallas, TX.