From 2008-2009 I took an opportunity to teach full-time for a university design program after adjuncting proved to be an incredibly fulfilling experience for me. But as a designer who loves loves loves working, I returned to the field full-time in 2009 when balancing the load of teaching, working and living became a little more than I could handle. However, what I didn’t want to give up was that fulfillment. Although I loved showing students how to push pixels around a page better and how to perfectly rag the type on a project, what I loved most was being a resource/mentor for students.

So in 2009, right after I went back to working full-time, I started Good For Grasshopper. I had received really great reviews from my students, bc I paid a lot of attention and time answering their questions and stayed around to answer their friend’s questions. They seemed to retain a lot of the advice / info / lessons I taught them because while I taught, I still carried the “working in the real world / professional” title.

While I was a professor and faculty advisor, I heard the same questions over and over – almost to a point where I was reciting the same answers. Upon talking to some of my colleagues – who haven’t taught before and those that did – we tended to share a lot of the same opinions and perspectives – enough to formulate pages and pages of FAQ’s for students. Also – while looking at portfolios – I saw the same things lacking in one school where it was strong in another program. And then I’d see the other program lacking where the aforementioned school was strong. At the end of the day, both schools are sending out degree holding students — but its the ones that take outside initiatives that will be the best additions to the design community as a whole.

Leading into what Good For Grasshopper is about. GFG is an organization aimed at being a student’s resource (non-school specific). This will be 80% resource website and 20% workshops led by working professionals: book binding, portfolio prep, writing, etc. And future gallery shows are in the works.


Frances Yllana
Chief Creative Organizer
Good For Grasshopper